Important Considerations When Selecting A Dog Boarding MN Service

There are times when you need to go out of town and have to leave your beloved pet behind. It is a good thing that there are dog boarding services just like GrandPaws Place in Minnesota, you can use to ensure your pet will be taken care of. If this is your 1st time selecting a dog kennel service, here are some important things you need to know.

How Can I Know The Dog Boarding Service Is Suited For My Pet?

A typical dog kennel in Minnesota

Ask other pet owners or your vet for recommendations of a good dog kennel Minnesota facility. You can also check out the local community park and ask other dog owners for their recommendations. Online directories is also a good source of finding information about different pet boarding services.

Is Certification Necessary For My Pet Kennel Facility?

When it comes to dog kennels, it is a must for your dog kennel service to get certification for pet boarding services you provide. There is a voluntary process for certification given by the Pet Care Services Association or PCSA, which evaluates around 250 standards and 17 area of pet care facility operation. When you decide to get certified, it would mean that your pet facility is passes the industry standard of excellence.

Is There A Need For Me To Give A Tour Of My  Dog Kennel?

Lady walking her dog at a pet boarding facility

As a dog kennel owner, you should encourage first-time users of your service to tour the kennel. Your kennel should be odor-free and quiet as possible. Dogs get anxious when they are in a new place so a calm area will help them settle down easily. Also advice the dog owners to bring something from home like their dog’s favorite toy or food to further help be at ease at your facility. Your place should be adequate lighting and provide a lot of space for each kennel they will stay. Your pet boarding facility should always be clean, especially in the play and sleeping areas.

Should I Have Someone To Look After The Dogs Inside The Pet Boarding Facility At All Times?

As a rule, your pet kennel facility need not be manned 24/7. However,  some dog owners prefer to have this option due to a condition their pet might have. It is best that your kennel facility have someone to look after the dogs throughout the night. As sometimes they can wander off and get into trouble. You can have one of your staff to check on the pets once in a while. This is especially important when you have a dog in your care that needs medication.

Dogs socializing at the dog boarding facility